Moscato del Molise DOC


This old vine, which was dear to the Popes, has been cultivated in Italy since 200 B.C. and was named Apicia, Apicius or Apianae - according to Colummella and the other Georgics.

100% Moscato

A sweet wine with a Moscato taste is obtained from these grapes. This wine has a soft, golden colour with slight amber reflections, a fresh and intense bouquet with characteristic hints of orange flowers and zagara honey. It is an rich wine with strong moscato flavour, with distinct sugary residues but a dry aftertaste.

Wine-Food Pairing

A wine for meditation, it is ideal when served with patès, sweetmeats and aged cheeses. Serving temperature: 10°-12°C

  • Vine Moscato
  • Area of production C.da Canarda
  • Altitude 200 mt.
  • Soil type sandy, clay
  • Planting trellis of 4.400 vines per hectare
  • Average age of vines 15 years
  • Surface area of vineyard 6 ha
  • Production per hectare 55/77 q.li
  • Harvest end October/first Decade of November
  • Vinification The grapes dried on the plant are cold-macerated. It is slightly pressed to enhance the aromas. It ferments slowly at a controlled temperatur.
  • Malolactic fermentation complete
  • Refining 1 year in steel vats and 6 months in bottles
  • Production 8.000 bottles