Biferno Rosso DOC


This cru is made from a selection of the best Montepulciano and Aglianico grapes grown in the Ramitelli area of Campomarino.

Montepulciano 80%
Aglianico 20%

Full, mellow and velvety wine; with a perfect blend of flavours such as plum, undergrowth and hints of leather and licorice, deep ruby red in colour with violet reflections.

Wine-Food Pairing

Ideal with rich dishes, especially white and red meats, game and ripe cheeses. Serving temperature 16 - 18°C

  • Vine Montepulciano 80% - Aglianico 20%
  • Area of production Ramitelli
  • Altitude 100 mt.
  • Soil type clay
  • Planting trellis of 4.400 vines per hectare
  • Average age of vines 10 years
  • Surface area of vineyard 18 ha
  • Production per hectare 90/120 q.li
  • Harvest end October
  • Vinification maceration in contact with peels for about one month
  • Malolactic fermentation complete
  • Refining part in barrels and steel vats - 6 months in bottles
  • Production 100.000 bottles