Falanghina del Molise DOC


This cru is made from the best Falanghina grapes, which are predominant, and some Fiano grapes, both grown in the Ramitello vineyard at Campomarino.

90% Falanghina
10% Greco

Straw-yellow in colour, this wine is like a fresh bouquet, with a pleasant and persistent character and hints of ripe fruits, peaches and apricots. It has a dry, mellow, ample and slightly acidic flavour with a slight rear-taste of bitter almonds, which is typical of this vine.

Wine-Food Pairing

It is a wine that can be enjoyed throughout a meal and is well suited to shellfish, light hors d'oeuvres and a wide variety of fish recipes. Serving temperature: 10 - 12°C

  • Vine Falanghina 90% - Greco 10%
  • Area of production Contrada Cocciolete
  • Altitude 100 - 150m
  • Soil type clay
  • Planting trellis of 4.400 vines per hectare
  • Average age of vines 22 years
  • Surface area of vineyard 8 ha
  • Production per hectare 90/120 q.li
  • Harvest October
  • Vinification Cold-maceration in contact with peels or 24/36 hours and fermentation in teel vats at 16-18°C
  • Malolactic fermentation complete
  • Production 20.000 bottles