Greco del Molise DOC


According to Aristotle, this old vine originated in Thessaly. Cato, Varro and Virgil praised the rare qualities of this grape, distinguishing five clones, among which the most famous is the Aminea Gemina Maior, used to make this wine.

100% Greco

Lively, bright straw yellow colour, ample and intense bouquet, fruity, dry mellow flavour with a hint of fruit.

Wine-Food Pairing

Ideal with delicate foods, seafood, starters, fish and cheese. Serving temperature: 10 -12°C

  • Vine Greco
  • Area of production C.da Camarda
  • Altitude 200 mt.
  • Soil type calcareous clay
  • Planting trellis of 4.400 vines per hectare
  • Average age of vines 15 years
  • Surface area of vineyard 8 ha
  • Production per hectare 80/100
  • Harvest October
  • Vinification Cold-maceration in contact with peels or 24/36 hours and fermentation in teel vats at 16-18°C
  • Produzione 15.000 bottles