Don Luigi
Riserva Molise DOC


Red wine Don Luigi is the flagship product of our winery. It is a wine made from carefully selected best and the most mature grapes of Montepulciano.


It is traditionally vinified through long contact of the must with the skins. It ages in small oak barrels. The wine is made of Montepulciano grapes grown in the Martarosa territory 100 meters above sea level in the heart of DOC Molise.

The calcareous soil gives structure and body to the wine, the young vines and espalier system allow you to perform the harvest in late October and during the first week of November.

Wine-Food Pairing

Ideal with red meats, game, haute cuisine dishes, cheeses. Serving temperature 16- 18°C. Ideally, the bottle should be uncorked at least one hour before serving.

  • Vine Montepulciano
  • Area Contrada Cocciolete
  • Altitude 100-150m
  • Soil Type Calcareous
  • Planting 4.400
  • Average age of vines 15 Years
  • Surface area of vineyard 6ha
  • Production 60/70