Tenuta Cocciolete

Altitude: 100 mt.

Contrada Cocciolete is situated between the sea and hills, reaching an altitude of 160 meters above sea level. It occupies an area of ​​28 hectares and is situated next to the small town of Campomarino. The soil is calcareous with a mixture of different clays. The nearby presence of the sea has a decisive influence on production of wine that comes from this area.The constant sea breeze mitigates the summer heat and the rigours of winter, cleaning the sky and maintaining the insolation index high, creating a microclimate that enhances and differentiates the character and the personality of the wines.

In these vineyards, thanks to the experience gained over the years and our passion for research on native vines, we made specific choices by planting vines that adapt to the particularities of the territory, adopting a viticulture that is very respectful of the soil, the microclimate, the plant and the local biodiversity. The main varieties grown on in area are Falanghina, Sangiovese and Montepulciano, interpreting a terroir with a great character that gives life to great wines with elegance, depth and complexity,